1Super Geographical Location

Located in central Guizhou, 90 kilometers from the provincial capital city Guiyang, Anshun City is the earliest exploited region in its history. Its strategic position is very important and therefore is described as "the abdomen of Qian (Guizhou), the throat of Dian (Yunnan), the lips and teeth of Shu (Sichuan) and Yue (Guangdong) to show its important location.

2. Developed Transportation Network

An initial multi-dimensional transportation network of railway, aviation, highways and waterways has been formed with coordinated development and Anshun City has become an important traffic hub in Guizhou Province. There are Qing-Huang Expressway (from Qingzhen to Huangguoshu Waterfall), Gui-Huang Expressway (from Guiyang to Huangguoshu Waterfall), Guan-Xing Expressway (from Guanling to Xingyi), National Highway 320, etc. Zhen-Sheng Expressway (from Zhenning to Shengjingguan) will be open to traffic soon, and will connect Kunming and Southeast Asia. The highway network to villages, towns and counties in Anshun City is the best in Guizhou Province. Gui-Kun Railway (from Guiyang to Kunming) and Zhu-Liu Double-track Railway (from Zhuzhou to Liupanshui) has been completed, connecting many places outside Guizhou through Chuan-Qian Railway (from Sichuan to Guizhou) Xiang-Qian Railway (from Hunan to Guizhou) and Qian-Gui Railway (from Guizhou to Guangxi). Huanguoshu Airport, 6 kilometers away from downtown, flying to major cities nationwide, has already been open to service. And Longdongbao Airport in Guiyang is only about an hour’s drive from Anshun City.

3. Time-honored Historical Heritage Sites

Anshun City, the center of the ancient Yelang Kingdom, is the intersection of three major migrations since the Han dynasty. With a long history of rich and unique cultural heritages, Anshun City enjoys 119 cultural relic protection units at the national level, provincial level, city level and county level. The Paleo-anthropological and cultural relics at the Puding Through Cave are known as " a lamp of the Asian civilization "; There are “ Ciphered Writings on the Red Cliff” in Guanling, known as a mystery of thousands of years and one of the 8 main mysterious languages in China; and batiks made in Anshun City are regarded as "No. 1 in the east"; in recent years, paleo-biological fossils coded "China dragons", " sea lilies” in GuanLing and dinosaur fossils in Pingba were unearthed. The villages of the Tunpu culture are preserved completely with the cultural heritage of Han nationality features of Ming Dynasty in the south to the Yangtze River.

4. Excellent Industrial Environment

Anshun City focuses on optimizing and upgrading industrial structures, cultivating and developing pillar industries such as of aircrafts, energy, automobiles, pharmacy, chemical industry, metallurgy, food and other pillar industries so as to extend the industrial chain and promote the development of other industries like mining, electro-mechanics, planting, breeding, transportation, packaging, printing and so on.

5. Abundant Natural Resources

1) Tourism Resources

With beautiful landscapes, Anhun City is an earliest class-A national tourism development city designated by the country and one of the key tourism areas that enjoy priority of development in Guizhou Province. There are a lot of scenic spots in Anshun City. There are two national AAAAA tourism scenic spots: the Huanguoshu Waterfall Scenic Spot and the Dragon Palace Scenic Spot. One national AAAA scenic spot: the Yelang Cave Scenic Spot. There is also a national key scenic spot: the Getu River, and provincial and municipal scenic spots: the Jiulongshan National Forest Park, the Guanling National Geological Park of Fossils, the Huajiang River Grand Canyon, the Tiantai Mountain, the Sila River and the Yelang Lake, etc. Anshun City boasts 28 national and provincial key cultural preservation centers like Anshun Confucian Temple and Yunshantun Ancient Buildings and so on. The Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Spot is the only "China Famous Brand" of all the natural scenic spots in China. The scenic resource area in Anshun City is 12% of the land, far above the provincial average area of 4.2%, and the national average area of 1%. Anshun City is one of the six golden tourism hot routes in China and the tourism center in the west of Guizhou.

2) Mineral Resources.

Anshun City has a rich deposit of mineral resources, such as of coal, lead and zinc ore, alumyte, antimony ore, gold ore, barites, fluorite, plaster, silica, calcite, dolomite for refining magnesium, limestone for whitewash and cement etc.

3) Biotic Resources.

Anshun City has a variety of elevations, so the climate differences are obvious, which is suitable for the growth of many different plants and animals. Anshun City is the major production base of medicinal materials, high quality rice, rape, and tea, ginger, tung oil, tobacco, vegetables, fruits, local domestic animals and fowls, etc. and the major production and processing bases of various traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It has been found out that over 2000 kinds of medicinal herbs grow in Anshun City. Out of the 456 kinds of key medical herbs censored in China, Anshun City has 406, accounting for 89%.

4). Climatic Resources.

The altitude in Anshun City ranges from 560 meters to 1500 meters, multi-dimensional climate and biodiversity are obvious. The forest coverage rate is 36%. According to tourism climatology, the climate in Anshun City has typical features of mountain climate and belongs to the typical plateau type of humid subtropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall. The average annual rainfall is 1360 mm. The average annual temperature is 14 degrees Celsius. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. The climate is pleasant. The temperatures are exceptionally comfortable in summer. It is a resort for tourism and summers. The comfortable climate time in Anshun City is as long as eight months, the same length with that of Kunming, and both rank the first place in China.

5) Water Resources

Located in the watershed zones among the Wujiang River reaches of the Yangtze River basin and the Beipanjiang River reaches of the Pearl River basin, the rivers in Anshun City are crisscrossing with high falls and rich hydropower resources. The potential hydropower resource theoretically is 450.7 million kilowatts, and the exploitable amount is 295.9 million kilowatts.

6. Important Carriers for Investment

With the complete strategic framework of “the two fast passages from Guiyang City to Guangzhou”, Guizhou Province is increasing its connections with the pan-Pearl River delta, and the Yangtze River delta regions. According to the city's overall development plan and the principles of “centralized layout, intensive use of land and aggregation of industries ", combined with the existing industrial bases, Anshun City will spare no efforts building  a municipal  aviation industrial park(of mainly mechanical manufacturing )and Liyang high-tech industrial park, which will meet the industrial transfer of mainly mechanical equipment manufacturing from the east, and the Xixiu Industrial Park, which will follow China’s model bases of foodstuff industry and develop the local traditional tourism commodities, unique agricultural specialties and pharmacy, as well as the  Puding Demonstrative  Recycle Economic Industrial Park of mainly basic industries and raw materials etc.

1). Liyang High-tech Industrial Park

Liyang High-tech Industrial Park in Guizhou Province was established officially in April, 2001 with the approval of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government, and enjoys the preferential policies of the provincial-level development zone. The total planned area of Liyang High-tech Park is 28.3 square kilometers with flat land and the convenient transportation inside. An integrated development pattern of the park, the county and Liyang Company has been formed in the park. The planning pattern of “one district and one park” is being carried out according to the plan of the county Party Committee and the county government. Xiayun Industrial Park is the key industrial park in Liyang High-tech Industrial Park. The new and hi-tech district is for constructing living quarters, business, tourism and the extension of the county proper. Currently, Fuqiang Packing Co. Ltd and other five enterprises have already settled down here.

2). Xixiu Industrial Park in Anshun City, Guizhou Province

The predecessor of Xixiu Industrial Park enjoyed the title “model park of the township enterprise cooperation between the coastal areas and the western regions” and “model base of China foodstuff industry (in Xixiu Area)”. In 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission approved it as a provincial-level economic and technological development zone. Now a detailed regulated plan covering an area of 40 square kms has been completed. The park will become a new district in the future according to the overall planning of Anshun City. The park is located geographically advantageously. The traffic is very convenient with a complete transportation network of highway, railway and airport. The park has sufficient electricity, rich water supply and complete communication facilities. In the park, the main roads have been completed and the infrastructure is well founded with the facilities such as water supply, drainage, communication, power supply and so on being completed. In it rise a new and high-tech industrial system of aluminum industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries. The park lays stress on biological pharmacy, green food, tourism commodity processing, processing with supplied materials, series of aluminum products processing and new-and high-tech industries etc.

3). Puding County’s Recycle Economic Development Park

The park is located in Puding County, Anshun City, with a total area of about 28 square kilometers. The area that can be adjusted and available for industrial use is about 10 square kms, with 5 square kilometers for the planned land use, and 5 square kilometers for reserved industrial land use. In the park, water supply and power supply is abundant. Anshun Power Plant and Tongxin Wall Materials Co. Ltd are settled inside the park. The key projects of FGD (flue gas desulfurization) in the power plant and the chemical project, the gas project, the aluminum processing project etc. are under construction. Those projects related to the recycling economy such as of chemical industry, metallurgy, raw materials, aluminum processing, magnesium and aluminum alloy products processing are welcome to the park.

4). Aviation Industrial Park of the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Anshun City, Guizhou Province

Located in the economic and technological development zone in Anshun City, the center of Guizhou Province, the aviation industrial park is co-built by Guizhou Provincial People’s Government together with China Guizhou Aviation Group. Guizhou Aviation Group has 49 wholly-owned and shareholding branch companies set up in Anshun City with its leading and backbone enterprises mainly in the aviation industrial park. It has modern equipment, technology and talent advantages in mechanical manufacturing and focuses on developing equipment manufacturing, mainly accessories of airplanes and aviation equipment; manufacturing of automobiles and automobile parts and components, mainly cars, mini-cars, buses, special vehicles; mechanical processing, mainly bearing production and casting industry.

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Anshun is located in the western sector of the zone of subtropical, humid and monsoonal climate. It has a pleasant weather which is neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. Because of its weather of cloudiness and less sunshine, Anshun has an abundant rainfall and humid climate.

Located in west Guizhou, Huangguoshu National Park of China is 128 km from Guiyang and 45 km from Anshun, a tourist destination in West China. The park istraversed with Yunnan-Guizhou railway, Zhuzhou-Liupanshui II Track Railway, National Road #320, and Guiyang-Huangguoshu High Grade Road, etc and encompasses the Huangguoshu Airport and the newly-built Qingzhen-Huangguoshu Freeway. The park centers at Huangguoshu Waterfall (height: 77.8m, width: 101.0m) and is scatted with 18 waterfalls of varied sizes.

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