Article One: The provisional measures are formulated for acceleration of the pace of investment promotion, broadening the scope and channels of investment, and for encouragement of various relevant walks of life to be business go-betweens to introduce domestic and foreign capital so that the economic development in Anshun City will accelerate.


Article Two The entrusted investment promotion refers to the economic activities that the entrusting investment promotion department (hereafter referred to as trustor ) will offer the investment projects to the trustees (the Overseas Offices of Guizhou People's Government; foreign enterprises, social groups and other organizations out of the Anshun Municipal administrative area; advanced groups that contributed to investment promotion) who will carry out the promotion according to the entrustor’s entrustment.


 Article ThreeAnshun Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau is responsible for guidance, coordination and management of the investment promotion entrusted by the Anshun people’s government.


Article Four: The measures are applicable to these projects invested within Anshun City by non-local investors. These projects that accord with national, provincial and municipal industrial policies and those projects the state allows to operate or participate in business can be regarded as the entrusted investment promotion projects.


Article Five: The trustor and the trustees shall sign a trust deed for investment promotion. The deed shall conform to the PRC Contract Law. The contents of the deed should include the form of investment promotion, the scope of authorization, the requirement, the remuneration, the payment, and the agreement of the disputation settlement mechanism of the entrusted investment promotion, etc. The demo text of the entrusted investment promotion shall be formulated according to the regulations of the Anshun Municipal People's Government


Article Six: The forms of the entrusted investment promotion are to be negotiated by the trustor and the trustees. Usually the following forms are adopted: the trustees are entrusted with searching for investors who have investment intention; trustees are entrusted with searching for investors and are authorized by the trustor to carry on the initial negotiation of the investment projects; trustees are entrusted with searching for investors and are authorized by the trustor to participate in the whole negotiation process. 


Article Seven: The trustees, entrusted by the Anshun Municipal People's Government or the departments authorized by the Anshun Municipal People's Government, are granted the trust deed for investment promotion by the Anshun Municipal People's Government after examination and confirmation.


Article Eight: After being authorized by the Anshun Municipal People's Government, the trustees exercise the following duties: to be responsible for publicity,  liaison , negotiation with the investors or even the signing of the intent agreement of the investment projects in Anshun City; conduct liaison of foreign trade, economic and technical cooperation, assist the relevant enterprises’ contact and  implementation of specific business; take part in all kinds of business negotiations, press conferences, etc. for investment promotion; and other duties granted by the trustor for investment promotion.


Article NineThe trustees shall perform the following obligations: Publicize the investment projects, the investment environment and preferential policy of Anshun City actively, seriously and responsibly; widely contact merchants, seek joint ventures and cooperative partners; provide feedback of the progress of investment promotion projects and the relevant information about the merchants; recommend investment projects, talents, advanced technology and management experience to the Anshun Municipality;  abide by the agreement of the entrusted investment promotion and the provisions of the trust deed for the investment promotion. 


Article Ten:  The trustees shall comply with the provisions of the trust deed and engage only in the investment promotions within the specifically entrusted items and the time limit. If the trustees violate the relevant provisions and cause negative effects, the trustor will terminate the entrustment.


Article Eleven: The trustors and the trustees should establish a regular contact system. Anshun Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau regularly (monthly or quarterly) provides the trustees with information of the investment projects and the recent key projects of Anshun City and regularly provides information about  the project negotiations, economic and trade negotiations, investment promotion projects and other major economic activities held recently. The trustees should establish customer databases, regularly (monthly or quarterly) provide information about the  investors and the intent investment projects in Anshun City; the trustees should also provide information about the project negotiations, economic and trade negotiations, commodity sales, investment and other local major economic activities held recently.


Article Twelve: The entrustment deadline by the trustor will be agreed on by both parties. After the expiration, if the trustees will continue the entrustment, they can apply for renewing of the entrustment to the trustor in advance.


Article Thirteen: The trustees will be paid in phases for their service according to the contract, the availability of the investment capital, the project operation, and actual benefit, etc. The specific forms of payment can be agreed on by the trustor and the trustees in the deed. Additionally, award money for excellent work will come from the same financial revenue where the tax of the projects goes to.


Article Fourteen:  The law-enforcing department of the Anshun Municipal People’s Government will be responsible for any explanations of the measures.


Article Fifteen: The measures are to be effective on the day of issuance.

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Anshun is located in the western sector of the zone of subtropical, humid and monsoonal climate. It has a pleasant weather which is neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. Because of its weather of cloudiness and less sunshine, Anshun has an abundant rainfall and humid climate.

Located in west Guizhou, Huangguoshu National Park of China is 128 km from Guiyang and 45 km from Anshun, a tourist destination in West China. The park istraversed with Yunnan-Guizhou railway, Zhuzhou-Liupanshui II Track Railway, National Road #320, and Guiyang-Huangguoshu High Grade Road, etc and encompasses the Huangguoshu Airport and the newly-built Qingzhen-Huangguoshu Freeway. The park centers at Huangguoshu Waterfall (height: 77.8m, width: 101.0m) and is scatted with 18 waterfalls of varied sizes.

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