2016 Guizhou “ Mountain Park Province ·Ecological Hiking Season”the Second Stop Came in Anshun
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  On November 26, 2016 Guizhou “Mountain Park Province ·Ecological Hiking Season” the second stop came in Xixiu district, Anshun. More than 10,000 walking fitness enthusiasts began hiking with the starting shot in Tuobao mountain square.



  During the activities, according to the pre-set line, hikers arrived the terminal point before the closing time. If they could completed the 11 km “Mountain Park Province ·Ecological Hiking Season”activities, they would obtain hiking passport. According to the introduction, the activities plan to be held in every weekends and holidays in summer and autumn and in the county or particular area in Guizhou province, the mass large-scale urban hike will be continually held to strive to hike the whole province in three years.

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