Xiushui Village was Awarded “2016 China Most Beautiful Leisure Village"
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  Recently, the ministry of agriculture issued the results of 2016 “leisure beautiful countryside in China”. By local recommendations and expert evaluation,a total of 150 villages were elected. Xiushui village in Puding county was successfully elected as “ the modern new village”of “2016 China Most Beautiful Leisure Village”.
  It was reported that promotional activities about “China’s beautiful leisure villages” aimed to build beautiful and livable countrysides in order to promote the ecological civilization and achieve the harmonious development of man and nature . The key points were protecting farming civilization, displaying folk culture, reserving traditional local-style dwelling houses and developing leisure agriculture. By promoting to the public the beautiful leisure villages with blue sky, green land, clean waters, livable life, happy labor and the increasing incomes, the development of new types of urbanization and urban-rural integration could get further promotion.
  In recent years, depending on the rich historical culture and natural resources, Anshun has strived to develop leisure agriculture tourism industry. At present, Xiushui village has formed a set of tourism service system including food, accommodation,transportation,traveling, shopping, entertainment. Leisure tourism has became an important pillar industry to enrich farmers and villages in Xiushui villages. With the development of leisure tourism, Xiushui villages industries has turned into tourism and leisure agriculture from traditional one.
  So far, Anshun totally has one national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration area, three national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites , three beautiful leisure countrysides, five provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites. Beautiful countries has become an important part of graceful Anshun.

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