Great changes took place in anshun
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  Great changes have happened in both the urban and rural  areas of Anshun

  In the past five years, aiming at developing an  ecological tourism city of waters and mountains, culture and  history, opening and innovation, with a population of a  million residents, the municipal government has taken  measures to accelerate the construction of new urbanization,  and adopted a harmonious way of ecological civilization and  economic development. Until now, notable progress has been  achieved.

  Within the five years, several municipal main roads have  been constructed, a few comprehensive tourist projects  finished, a number of hotels built, many a fundamental  facilities and institutes such as the city sports center and  People's Hospital constructed or improved, so that the  comprehensive bearing capacity and the competitiveness of  the city are effectively enhanced, and its image greatly  promoted.

  Since the launch of the "five 100 projects”, the  development of small towns has been promoted vigorously.  During the progress, the city’s historical culture,  geography, ethnic customs, and natural resources are  underscored in order to highlight its protection of the  river landscapes and beautification of mountain vegetation.  In accordance with the requirements for the construction of  “small towns, delicate towns, beautiful towns, wealthy  towns, unique towns”, more than 50 towns within Anshun both  learn and compete with each other.

  During this period of time, a total of 47.26 billion  yuan has been invested in diverse programs and projects. 376  projects were contracted, achiving a contracted fund of 71.6  billion yuan, 23.4 billion yuan of which has been in place.

  For five years’ endeavor, great changes have happened  in both the urban and rural areas of Anshun. The function of  agglomeration in the urban and the ecological protection in  the countryside have been strengthened and demonstrated,  achieving a great increase in economic strength. With an  apparent process of citizen’s livelihood and an overall  strengthening of the Party’s construction, citizens both in  the urban and rural areas share the fruit of development.

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