HSR promotional activities were held in Anshun
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  On December 6th, a series of High-speed rail (HSR)  promotional activities were held by Guiyang Railway  Construction Office and Guizhou Provincial Railway  Construction Office in Anshun. 12 provincial and municipal  media including Xinhua News Agency were invited to  participate in the activities.

  Along the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail line, the  journalists started from Guiyang through Anshun City to  Panxian County. In Anshun, they conducted a series of  interview and publicity activities. Tianlong Tunpu was the  first stop, where the reporters and HSR stewardesses enjoyed  the traditional culture with a history of 600 years, its  unique Dixi Drama and costumes in the fashion of Ming  Dynasty, recording the Tunpu culture with their cameras.  subsequently, they went to the Dragon Palace and Huangguoshu  Waterfalls to appreciate their beauty and carry out  promotional activities at once.


  "This event is not only to promote for the immediate  opening of the Shanghai- Kunming high-speed rail line, but  also for the beautiful scenery and tourism alone the line,”  said Xu Yi, Head of the Office of the Party Committee of  Guizhou Section, Chengdu Railway Bureau. He continued, “We  are deeply impressed by the beauty of the natural scenery  and the simple style of the Tunpu culture in Anshun. So we  hope to promote it to the world, through a combination of  the HSR with the local culture.”

  Consisting of 2,243 km, crossing the most provinces, the  Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail line will be the longest  railway with the highest standard throughout China. It is an  important part of the "four vertical and four horizontal”  passenger line of the mid- and long-term national railway  plan. Its western section of Guizhou has a total length of  286 kilometers, from Guiyang via South Pingba, West Anshun,  and Guanling. 26 units of bullet train will contribute to  its operation.

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