Mirages appeared on Hongshan Lake.
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  With a few days of fine weather, the scenery of the  Hongshan Lake has been extraordinarily pleasant. On the  morning of December 5, the fogged lake appears so beautiful  as a fairyland.

  According to Mr. Xu, a staff member of the Lake  Management Office, immersed in dense frog, the whole lake  looked like a fairyland at 7 in the morning. As the sun  raised slowly, the fog cleared gradually. Lasting over one  hour, the scene attracted a lot of citizens to take photos,  exclaiming the extraordinary beauty of the lake.

  “In the morning when I came to jog around the lake, I  was surprised by the wonderful mirages. It seemed that some  distant mountains loomed in the mist, while the shadows in  the water stretched like a brush painting, reminding me of  the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River. And the  pavilion also seemed to grow in the clouds. The whole place  was an amazing wonderland,” said Mr. Li, a citizen.

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