160 million yuan will be invested for the Guancheng River
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  160 million yuan will be invested for the Guancheng River  Regulation Project

  With the comprehensive regulation project launched in  November 20th, the conditions of Guancheng River in Xixiu  District, Anshun City, will be improved in a large scale.  The main channel and the western and eastern tributaries of  the river will be involved. Its major subprojects include  flood control, pollution control, water supply pipe  reconstruction, channel section reconstruction (including  desilting, shutter dam construction, etc.), and river bank  landscapes, water quality and water environment  improvements. With 160 million yuan invested and a reach of  2.8 km involved, the project will last 18 months,

  Since 2000, Guancheng River has undergone two large- scale comprehensive regulation projects, bringing great  improvement, in which the channel has been widened, bridges  expanded; and thus a remarkable flood discharge capacity.  But with the development of the city in recent years, the  river has been frequently trapped in the problems of trash  and water pollution caused by the misbehaviors of some  citizens living alongside. In spite of the supplement of  recycled water as well as the efforts of the cleaning staff,  the image of the city as a national outstanding tourist  resort will be weakened. It is expected that the water  quality and the surrounding environment will be enhanced  through the PPP project conducted this time, and therefore a  better overall image of the city developed.
  The project is now carried out simultaneously in the 3  major sections including the main channel as well as the  western and eastern tributaries of the river. As the first  stage of the PPP project, it is conducted by Sichuan Qingshi  Construction Co. Ltd..

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